Hair Extensions


Here are some of our methods:

 We provide the most advance methods using the best quality of hair available. Like Russian and Indian Remy, Peruvian and Brazilian virgin hair, as yaki relax texture. All of our premium hair extensions are customized and design to match and blend to the texture of your hair. 

Clip on Hair Extensions:

 We have many techniques and styles to add hair length to you head for short periods. This comes in handy for girl’s night out, weddings or special events. You first come to our salon, and we show you how to put on the Clip On Hair Extensions. Then you will be able to do them yourself. 

Seamless Hair Extensions Methods:


Seamless hair extensions go by many names; some people call them tape hair extensions, tape extensions, seamless extensions, strip hair extensions and more. Ultratress is one popular brand of seamless hair extensions and they have been in business for many years, and offer a good product. If you are interested in seamless extensions, then visit us for a free hair extension consult. We go over your hair options and we see what is going to work for you based upon hair type, texture and goal.

Seamless hair extensions are reusable. In 6-8 weeks, you get the hair reset, closer to the scalp; the hair is reusable for a year to a year and a half, depending on how you take care of your seamless hair extensions.

Strand by Strand Hair Extensions:

 We offer multiple variations of strand by strand hair extensions, such as individual hair strands extensions. All of our strand hair extensions use premium 100% Human Hair, that is the best hair found in the industry. 

Weaving Systems:


The most popular hair weaves are:

1) Hair Tracks – we do hair on your hair to add length.

2) Sew In Hair Weaves – we sew in hair to braids that are placed in your hair.

3) Interlocking Weave – very advanced method for doing a weave that is unique to our hair salon in Miami. We also have custom techniques like sew in lace weaves, lace weaves, custom weaves, weave integration, weave fusions, etc.Fusion Based Hair Extensions systems based on premium hair extensions at a reasonable price.

Euro Strands and Invisilines Sandwich Hair Extensions:

 Fusion Based Hair Extensions systems based on premium hair extensions at a reasonable price. We offer many Remy based Indian and European Strand Hair Extensions.  We have another in house hair extensions technique that was developed right in our own salon, called Invisilines Sandwich Hair Extensions. Invisilines is unique in the fact that it uses a wide strip of hair that one pulls in your current hair through the strip and attaches to your hair. The Invisilines Sandwich Hair Extensions type is re-usable. It is applied in a few strips in your hair line, so the hair extension is very fast and easy to apply.