As leaders of the hair industry, nothing is harder than seen women losing their hair due to stress, medical and hereditary reasons. That is why we offer the most complete line of non-surgical hair replacement, using hair integrations, custom made to fit your lifestyle and needs. We integrate your existing hair with our high quality hair units. 

Hair fillers:

 This method is more of a custom design, hair graft which is built to cover precise bold areas in the scalp. This hair unit comes in such sizes so they can cover bold spots or to add fullness and volume to your existing hair. 

Partial Units:

 This custom made skin like membrane, injected with the best quality of hair are use for specific bold scalp areas, commonly caused by surgery and trauma to the scalp such as scares, burns, alopecia, ext. 



If your problem is thin fine hair, our hair integrations are the answer to your suffering, made of the fines materials, like the micro-poly welded hair nets. This will give you the fullness that you’re looking for.

If you are interested in one of our many options, please call us for a private- free consultation with one of our specialists.




In the hair replacement industry our mane goal is to help those people under going medical treatment that cause hair loss, that is why we carry the most complete line of hair prosthetics, making the process of treatment easier and comfortable.